Νature’s most complete and richest food.

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It is nature’s most complete and richest food and it contains:

  • Natural proteins
  • Amino acids (5-7 times greater content than in cheese, eggs and veal)
  • Mineral traces (for example 7.5 times more iron than in beef and also contains potassium and zinc)
  • Vitamins (for example vitamin R, known as Methylphenidate, which protects our blood vessels and us from hemorrhages)
  • Enzymes (Contrary to processed supplements, fresh pollen contains 5000 enzymes and co-enzymes which are essential to our metabolism and for the absorption of nutrients by our body)

It provides energy and stimulation due to its nourishment value.

University research has shown that fresh pollen acts as a regulator to our bodily functions by correcting metabolic imbalances and also helps cure certain ailments such as prostate inflammation. It stabilizes blood pressure, enhances our libido and our memory, it speeds up alcohol neutralization and helps in cases of constipation among other things.

You should only purchase fresh pollen and not the dried variety, which is more commonly found, since exactly because it has not been processed it retains all its characteristics and should constantly be kept in refrigeration.

Adults: One spoonful to one table spoonful a day depending on how active you are. Children: Half a spoonful up to a spoonful a day. To be taken preferably in the morning.


220gr, 350gr