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The Idea

BeeWell was established with the aim of continuing and further evolving the age-old tradition of nomadic beekeeping on the island of Evia, by placing our bee hives in areas with rich and varied flowering plants.

Our respect for the bee and human values led us to use mild organic practices with the least possible manipulation of the hives, resulting in the production of natural, unprocessed, bee products of high nutritional value and taste, without any artificial flavouring or chemicals.

Our love for the nature and beekeeping led to the discovery of little known spots of unparalleled natural beauty on our home island. We also found out that each year’s harvest is pleasantly different from the previous one’s.

Our Place

Our island Evia, due to its mountainous terrain and its location in the center of the Aegean sea, constitutes a botanical heaven with 1824 different recorded varieties of flora many of which thrive only in this part of the world. Evia is a scaled-down version of Greece, with its northern part covered with lush pine, fir and oak forests and its southern part covered with extended areas of wild herbs such as thyme, oregano, sage, heather and arbutus.

In this rich nature, our bees collect pollen and produce high quality honey, fresh bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

The Beekeeper

True to the traditional bee keeping practices, with a total respect for the bee community and being led by the hive’s daily rhythms you are being taught by its “perfect” society. You become one with nature, your own nature. You view the world around you as a whole. You study the sky, you feel the seasons, you follow the running water, you listen to all the sounds surrounding you. Nature talks to you if only your ears are willing to listen. You learn patience. Patience for a whole year for the end product of your labours, looking forward to that “perfect harvest”, if all goes well.

You don’t win or lose. What you get out of it is your reward for all your hard effort, your worries, your insight. For you found that absolutely best place and then kept on looking for a still better one. For you gave plentiful when it was needed, you joint their efforts. It’s a privilege, an honour to be taught by bees. They willingly teach you about nature, society about your own self.

Orestis Loukeris – Beekeeper